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Hi. My name is Molly Rowsell and I am a Whippet. My humans love me very much and for that reason they are interested in my well being. They have arranged for Outbound Hounds to come around to make sure that I can pee and get a little fresh air each day they are in Victoria hunting and gathering (or whatever it is humans do there). They realise that I can’t open those silly human-designed front doors so Don comes round and does that for me. He’s real patient too and even makes sure the cats don’t get out, which would upset my humans. I can tell that my humans appreciate Don in their funny human way. I just don’t understand why they don’t run in circles and jump up and down and wag their bums to show him that. But like all humans they have a weird way to show affection. Touching paws? What the heck!? Don seems to understand them though and we are all pleased and happy for the service he provides me. By the way, my male human had to help me type this because the silly human-designed keyboard is just as useless as the front door! - T. Rowsell, Sooke, BC

Patches is the newest member to our family. I actually got him as diversional therapy as I am home a lot and many days cannot be very active. I thought that having a small dog would help to keep me as active as I can be. Well – surprise – I fell in love with this very cute Tasmanian devil with a level of activity so far above what I could/can handle. He quickly took on the name of Mr. Patches as he drove me and our other dog crazy. Someone recommended that I try Outbound Hounds and see if the extra activity of long walks would help to settle him. What a blessing. Outbound Hounds has definitely saved our other older dog from being chewed on, chased around the house, and generally teased beyond tolerable limits. I no longer feel guilty re: not being able to get him out on his walks. Patches gets so excited when Don comes to pick him up. Actually, both my dogs go crazy as even though Toby (older dog) doesn’t go walk-about – he loves Don as well. There is always a cookie for him and he anxiously awaits the return of Don and Mr. Patches. I would recommend Outbound Hounds to everyone who works or for whatever reason cannot regularly exercise their dog/dogs. A bored dog can be extremely destructive to home and yard and a headache to other pets. Give them a try – you will not be disappointed. Don is the walker man and it is obvious that he loves what he is doing. Thank you both for accepting Mr. Patches into your pack. He absolutely loves his walks and the time spent with Don and the other members of Don’s pack. - Lexa Gollmer, Sooke, BC

Outbound Hounds is an awesome pet service that provides fun, exercise & socialization for our dog Rocky. He joined the walking group over two years ago & just loves it! Rock eagerly waits for Don each week to pick him up in the truck & go for his walk with his buddies. We love to see how dog-tired & happy he looks on his walk day! It’s a great gift to give your pet when you’re at work and the day is long. We feel confident that Rocky is safe with Don & Jaime as they are professional, trustworthy & caring Owners. We highly recommend Outbound Hounds! - Wayne & Jeannie Carlson, Otter Point/Sooke, BC

It has been my very great pleasure working with Don and Jaime Whittaker since they took over Outbound Hounds. Our Great Dane, Angus, loves his walks with Don and gets extremely excited when the truck arrives. We've also used the house-sitting service that Outbound Hounds offers and it is fantastic, our pets couldn't be in better hands! It is so reassuring to be able to go away and know that the animals and house are being taken care of. On a very personal note, Don and Jaime were wonderful at accommodating us, on short notice, with their assistance with the animals when my husband unexpectedly ended up in the hospital. Once again, it was very reassuring to know the animals were in such good, caring hands during that difficult time. It's so nice to have a service like Outbound Hounds here is Sooke, to know that our dog is getting the attention and exercise he needs while we are at work is an absolute blessing. - Jen, Sooke, BC

We would both like to record our appreciation to Don & Jamie Whittaker for their professsionalism and excellent service that they provide through Outbound Hounds in Sooke. In the 6 months that we have known Don & Jaime we have been very impressed with their flexibility, sincerity, commitment, and reliability. Our family of 3 puppies are very well looked after by Don & Jaime and thoroughly enjoy their twice weekly Outbound Hounds walks. - A & D Stephen, Sooke, BC